Species: Angel Dragon

Owner: _.danarius._ on Instagram

Location: Germany


  • last fursuit built under the old business name (KuroUsagis DreamCreations)
  • experimented with new features such as detachable wings, water-resistant paint on fabric, a Kemono style, and fins
  • wings were the most difficult part to make but we love them!
  • blacklisted the customer due to a violation of the Terms of Service (TOS) and threats; legal actions were taken against him
  • a cautionary note: Please avoid interactions with this individual.
  • after these experiences, which also contributed to the length of our Terms of Service (TOS), we nearly stopped building fursuits
  • however, after successfully concluding all legal actions (we were in the right, by the way), we made the decision to rename ourselves and start over - aiming to be bigger and stronger